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18 Jour – Refuge des Fondus

10 Jul

Yesterday we decided that the last few days would be about relaxing, shopping and just hanging out. No more sightseeing! A girl has her limits, after all. I came to realize that my feet also have limits which is why we started taking the Open Air Bus. Several companies own double-decker buses with the top level open. What luxury! we could sit in comfy seats, enjoy the sights and, if we wanted, listen to some history. Of course we chose to sit on top – nice breezes and better views!

We were on our way to Montmartre again, but this time we would shop and eat fondue. The 3 meals we had to have in Paris were soufle, crepes and fondue.

Once the bus let us off in Montmartre, we strolled the neighborhood looking for last minute gifts. After little success we decided to have a drink at a cafe – Rose of course.

It was finally time for fondue. We walked up at hill to the restaurant and found a line out side waiting for the doors to open. Once opened, the fun began! As each couple entered the small, dimly lit space, the owner offered his hand to help the woman of the pair climb (yes, climb) over the table to sit against the wall. It was a narrow room with two long tables along each side. There were no openings between tables so hence the climbing. Fun! Luckily I was in pants. As decoration, the walls were covered with signatures and messages from past patrons. We meant to buy a sharpie on the way there but forgot. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back!

We had a choice of cheese or meat fondue. We chose the meat. After ordering, we were brought a plate of pickled and savory appetizers – dips, pickles, pate and cornichons. We were also asked whether we preferred white or red wine and were brought baby bottles filled with our choice. The baby bottles were a clever way for the owner to get around paying taxes on serving wine. Apparently if an establishment serves wine in glasses, it has to pay taxes. No one said anything about baby bottles, though! What a clever way to get around paying taxes! Not to mention a great gimmick written up in all the tour books.