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Jour 19 – Eiffel Tower, Pont de l’Archevêché

6 Sep

The time had finally come – our last day in Paris. We had to make it meaningful…and we did. We began by buying a small statue to commemorate our trip. It is a replica of a midieval statue in which a man is reclining with his head in his maiden’s lap. Very sweet. We will put it in the new place.

We then bought a padlock and Sharpie and headed toward the Pont de l’Archeveche. When we crossed this bridge earlier in the trip, we were floored by all the padlocks people had attached to the wire fencing. Each had a name or names and some had pithy or sentimental sayings. On ours we wrote, “June 25, 20011 – Jeff & Joan got engaged!” What a great memory. I bet we’ll find it next time we go. If you go, will you look for it?

On to the Eiffel Tower! We thought seeing the tower at night would be the perfect way to end our trip. It was a balmy, humid evening. We considered climbing the stairs but it was hot and as you remember from Jour 19, my feet were killing me! So we decided to take the elevator with 9 million of our closest friends. As you can imagine, we had quite a wait. At last we rode up to the first level – the views are so beautiful! Then up to the top. It was dark by then and cold (yes, it was a long wait) but so spectacular. My favorite part was the light show on the hour – stunning!

We meandered our way back to our apartment around midnight – for the last time.