15 Jour – Notre Dame & French Cooking Class

7 Jul

Our goal before we visited Notre Dame was to read The Huntchback of Notre Dame. As you can imagine that didn’t happen.  C’est la vie! There was a long line but it went quickly. I’ve found that while standing in a line in Paris you have to be rather diligent that someone doesn’t just waltz right in and cut in front of you. This happened in a bakery and at Note Dame. Both times I was able to maneuver my body in front of them to regain my rightful place and of course they didn’t say anything ’cause they knew they cut the line. Okay, I know, petty on my part – just sayin’.

Notre Dame was beautiful. The center of Paris from which all streets flow. Fascinating history and great pictures!

In the evening, we took a cooking class at La Cuisine Paris. They have classes in both French and English (we chose English) and in a variety of formats.

We cooked a simple, traditional French meal:

  • Agneau a l’ail, romarin et moutarde
  • Ecrase de pomme de terre au piment d’Espelette
  • Crepe aux fruits rouges
Sounds fancy, but essentially it was lamb chops and mashed potatoes, with fruit-filled crepes for dessert.

Our classmates came from around the world. Texas, Michigan, California, Melbourne, Vancouver, and even Paris (one expat couple who had lived there for nine years). We had a great time with a fantastic bunch of people and enjoyed a wonderful meal that we cooked.

And for the record, Jeff was the first to successfully flip a crepe in the pan without a spatula.

The Class
Smashing potatoes
Getting ready to cook the crepes
Lamb Chops
Smashed Berries
Cooking Class


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