10 Jour – The Paris Flea Market

2 Jul

Shopping!!! Clothes, jewelry, art, books, furniture…anything you’d like, you can shop till your heart’s content at Puces St. Ouen: The Flea Market at Porte de Clignancourt. Paris’ sprawling flea markets (march aux puces) are over-sized garage sales. They started in the Middle Ages when old, flea-infested clothes and discarded possessions of the wealthy were sold to eager peasants. The Puces St. Ouen has 2,000 vendors selling most anything you can think of but mostly antiques. It is a collection of individual markets in covered alleys, each with a different name and specializing in a particular angle on antiques, bric-a-brac and junk.

We walked down the “spine” of the market, Rue Des Rosiers, and explored each marche including Vernaison, Dauphine, Biron and Serpette. My favorite was Daiphine. This one had the best clothes and art. I was able to score 3 pairs of earrings for 15 euros – not bad!

We ate lunch at Chez Louisette and listened to latter-day Edith Piaf. French chansons were supported with an accordian and keyboard while the crowd sang along. Good times and good food!


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